“the scene was so peaceful and so completely relaxing….that I managed to escape from the tyranny of the typewriter…the equal of San Michele…the place where I learned to wear a sarong.”
Arthur C Clarke, The Reefs of Taprobane

“an embodiment of the innumerable fantasies and day dreams that have flitted through my mind since childhood.” Paul Bowles on Taprobane

"seems like the invention of an eccentric imagination"

"that huge Count de Mauny desk makes a hopeless wardrobe but by the time you leave it seems quite natural"

"I ask forgiveness for not exclaiming more often or cooing louder"

"As we waded across to the steps of the house, we were speachless.."

"In Taprobane did Geoffrey a stately pleasure dome decree..."

"its memory will be everlasting"

"a triumph of vision, perseverance and generosity"

"nothing will ever match Taprobane for location and character"

"a great marvellous folly"

"perfection in every art consists in the complete accomplishment of its purpose, and in Taprobane it is total"

"it was like sleeping in the sea"

"Thankyou for letting us stay in sauch a beautiful atmisfere" - Rachel aged 6

"un endroit et une maison de reve que l'on a la chance d'avoir vue dans la realite"

"the only desert and exclusive island where you do not go mad"

"the reality even surpasses my high expectations"

"the candlelit curry on the verandah will never be forgotten"

"truly the world's most perfect small island"

"Tout etait parfait"

"I never imagined backpacking would be quite such an amazing experience, thankyou, Geoffrey, for exceeding all holiday expectations"

"the problem with Taprobane is that once you arrive you never want to leave"

"A place which usually belongs in heaven...the only bad thing is the expectation for future holidays"

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